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Cavallaro Hotel is a unique boutique hotel in the heart of Haarlem. With elegantly decorated rooms and luxurious amenities, it offers a first-class experience, with the feeling of being at home.

This first, intimate hotel of Cavallaro Napoli started as a dream of founder Giuseppe Cavallaro. At the beginning of Cavallaro Napoli, a time of hard work and a lot of traveling, staying in a good hotel was the first and only luxury that Giuseppe Cavallaro allowed himself. His experiences and inspiration led to the dream of having his own hotel.
A place where all his wishes would come together.

Cavallaro Hotel has become an extension of the brand’s DNA, together with Giuseppe Cavallaro’s style and philosophy. Refined and with an eye for detail and quality. Whether your stay at Cavallaro Hotel is a luxury holiday, a quick visit or a special occasion, it will always be a unique experience where it feels like home: “La mia casa è la tua casa”.

Cavallaro Hotel has an intimate atmosphere, with a high level of comfort and service, ensuring that you get the most out of your stay.